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001 Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer

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Boring drugs the audience. It automatically induces a big ol’ case of the drowsies. Transports folks directly to droolville. (And believe me, you do not want to have to hand out napkins with your presentation.)

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Here are 5.5.5 ways to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer. (You can get even more ways in my free ENGAGE video.)

#1 Be Funny. No, don’t tell jokes, just be humorous. Nothing keeps the audience engaged better than laughter and smiles. Period. You don’t have to be a comedian – you just need to be light when the moment is right.

#2 Be Interactional. Include the names of people you’ve met in your talk. Use them as positive examples. Prove that the people in the seats are important to you.

#3 Be Clear. No one likes a rambler. People like points. They like to be able to take notes and go home with specifics.

#4 Be Fresh. Speak with an “I just discovered this” attitude. The 500th time you’ve given this speech? It’s my first time hearing it, so give me your fresh.

#5 Be Passionate. Passion bleeds. It helps others, delivers results, cannot go unresolved and makes you and others better off. Speak with passion or just leave me a note.

#5.5 Be Authentic. Gestures, voice, style should be the same on and off stage.

#5.5.5. Be Light. Don’t take yourself so serious.


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