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PaulB Evans gave his first speech in sixth grade. He was being paid to speak at the age of 16 Рand hash;t shut up since! He has given more than 2,000 presentations. Paul is a 26 year veteran of business He opened a fitness center at age twenty and has never looked back. Paul can help your speaking business develop and grow strategically for the benefit of yourself and others.

While most training companies center only on the bottom line – Paul helps speakerpreneurs like yourself create a complete lifestyle business. Instead of making money the only goal and the only measurement, you can measure your success by your amount of freedom and enjoyment. The time and focus you are able to give toward helping others. Being able to announce to your family in the morning that you all are headed to Rome in the afternoon. Paul helps you gain impact, income & independence.

There are plenty of people who make money. But few create a life they look forward to each day.

Three critical phrases can refocus your entire business and life…

Make More  | Give More | Live More

Make More : obviously the goal of your business is to make money. Specifically to make a profit. Hopefully to make a lot of it.  The more money you make the more freedom you can have.

Notice the word is “can.” Plenty of people make money and have no freedom. No happiness. No extra time. The goal is not just to make money, but to create wealth that can work for you.

That’s the power of an online speaker business. You leverage expenses and time.

You leverage expenses because overhead is extremely low compared to a traditional business. Rental space in the offline world can run five digits easily. Online it’s around $10 a month. Mailing a 20,000 person customer list offline will cost around $20K each time you mail. Online you can mail the same 20,000 multiple times a day for around $50 a month.

You also leverage time. A traditional business requires 93% of the owners to be ¬†at the “plant” day in and day out for the full day. They are in charge of operations. Almost everyone of these entrepreneurs dreamed of owning their own business and controlling their lives. Now the business owns them.

Online 90% of your sales and operations are automated once you get running. Sales can me made where you’re paying attention to your business or off the coast of Greece in a fishing boat.

Give More :

Why make more if you’re not going to share it and help others?

The generous person goes farther faster. Paul served as the executive director for 100X Missions an organization that rescues orphans around the world.

Regardless of what effort you decided to give more to, it’s important that you make the commitment. If we are unwilling to help others we find in our businesses that others are not willing to help us.

How much are you giving right now?

Make a 12 month goal to double it. How much will you need to make for that to become real?

Paul and Steven working at Ciudad de Angeles in Mexico.

Live More

“Life is short” is not a cliche’. It is short. And the older you get the faster life moves. Based on that it’s essential to fill your life with meaning. It’s important to know the difference your life is and will make.

Unleash your potential. Dream big and work hard. Enjoy life.

The more you make, the more you give, the more you live.



What does life mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

For some, life is meant to be spent in a cubical and a punch card.

That’s not for us.

We all have core drivers.

Here are mine relating to business…

10:10¬†– from John 10:10 “…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Life includes family, friends, associates, colleges, business partners, customers and the world audience. “To the full.” I help people experience a rich, happy, fun life (even if they have to work hard to get there.)

Make More . Give More . Live More¬†– The more you make the more you can give; the more you give the more you live. It’s that simple. The ability to give just makes you happy. Money is only a tool that makes giving and living possible.

Success is NOT an Accident¬†– the alcoholic doesn’t start drinking by accident. The successful entrepreneur/business owner doesn’t miraculously have everything fall in place. As human beings we are walking, breathing cause and effect.

Speak with Passion or Just Leave Me a Note¬†– the whole world is a stage. don’t be boring. When you present with power and precision you avoid becoming a human tranquilizer. Use your words to impact audiences and change your world.

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