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Most speaker just starting out get intimidated and overwhelmed by their website. They make a list of a llllllll they want to include. Forget that. You only need four pages to begin with.



#1 Get a domain name that mentions you. Mine is paulbevans.com. you can do something similar or use… YourNameSpeaks.com as in PaulEvansSpeaks.com or PaulEvansSpeaker.com. This is not a long decision.

#1 Get reliable web hosting and purchase your domain with them at the same time.

To share your message to you market through a your personal website follow these steps. You can literally have your site setup in minutes!! This is exactly how to do it…

Click here to Set Up Your Bluehost Account Right Now

4 Pages You Need on Your Site…

#1 Homepage that is your blog.

Here’s how to share your message in your description, update your settings and make your first blog post.

If your goal is to start a blog and share your message with the world, guess what? You’re all set! Start writing. Start sharing.

#2 An optin page to build your audience.

You give people a way to show they are interested in your topic and raise their hand to get resources and recommendations from YOU. To see this here at ENGAGE look at the top right of the navigation sidebar.

The best way to do this is…

1. Offer a report, video, checklist that matches your message and helps your audience.

2. Ask your guests for their email address in exchange.

3. Give them what you promise.

4. Follow up automatically with more that will help them reach their goal.

You might be thinking something along the lines of, “I’ve heard that before.”


Or did you hear something like…

1. Set up a squeeze page

2. Give people a “bribe” to capture the opt-in

3. Fill your autoresponder with offers

4. Make money

Those two systems are NOT the same. Reread both of those lists. Now write down the KEY differences.

Here are a few ways that I do this at my at PBE…

1. Drop down using Optin-Bar

2. Slider using Slide Deck

3. Sidebar using graphic images leading to LeadPage design

4. Homepage post with standard Aweber opt-in

Those are just examples you DON’T start there.

Here’s how you need to get started…

#1 Set up an account with Aweber.

#2 Create your first email contact list.

#3 Add your first autoresponder message

#4 Create an Optin form

#5 Add it to you website

Here’s exactly how to do that. There are several steps here, but if you follow this video just like I show you, you can do this!!!!

Click Here to Set Up Your Aweber Account.

Yes there are other email contact providers, but I don’t use them personally. I’m telling you the easiest way. If you want to go and research all the different options you are more than welcome to. I’m trying to get your business up and running as fast as possible.


I use Leadpages to create great looking landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar registration pages and more! You still need a service like Aweber, but LeadPage makes it simple to design great looking pages with high conversions as you enlist your audience.

Here’s an overview…

Click Here to Try LeadPages

#3 A Speaking Page

This is where you share WHAT you speak on and how it will impact the audience. Here’s a direct link to my speaking page.

You do NOT have to have a speakers reel or a keynote video to get started. My last two engagements came before anyone went to my site.

#4 A Contact Me Page

Obviously people need to get in touch with you in order to book you. I use a plugin called “Contact Form 7.” I also use Speak Pipe. You can both of these in action right here on my Ask Paul page.

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